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Tying The Room Together

For over 38 years the Hudson's family has delivered quality furnishings, mattresses, and style at unbeatable values across 17 convenient Florida locations. They're no stranger to evolving with the times, but doing so has its challenges. When they hit a wall integrating their systems they partnered with me to get back on track and launch 3,755 products online in under 90 days.

Forever thought to be a pipedream and not without its challenges, I helped seamlessly connect their legacy hybrid POS, CRM backend that handles real-time inventory, payment processing, and live order tracking with a Magento front end sporting a modern shopping experience within 90 days.


FROG logo.

FROG provides a fully-integrated retail POS specially designed for furniture businesses.


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The Magento ecosystem provides features and tools for creating modern ecommerce websites.

One of the central goals for this project was to avoid adding systems and duplicating efforts. By leveraging FROG in unorthodox ways, it now drives real-time product data and customer order information through Magento. This now powers their newest and most convenient website features, live order tracking.

Hudson's Furniture Website

Screenshot of website.

Fresh, responsive, and filled with features that matter to today's furniture shoppers, the new Hudson's Furniture website is driven by their hybrid POS, CMS FROG platform and powered by Magento.

The final piece to the puzzle was creating complete and compelling content for all 3,755 products. My database for Hudson's Furniture of custom copy, photography, and videos sets their SEO strategy apart because Search Engines like Google reward websites with complete product information woven into compelling content with higher search rankings. Competitors in the furniture space traditionally cling to locked-down platforms that share the same content, a practice punished by search engines with poorer rankings and less traffic.

So what exactly did Hudson's Furniture gain through working together? A brand new ecommerce website with built-in conveniences like live order tracking and real-time inventory, all driven by an integrated POS populated with content that captivates online shoppers anytime, anywhere. Interested in setting your business up for success like Hudson's Furniture did? Then connect with me now and let's chat!

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My Partners Prosper

The best part of growing business is working with my phenomenal partners. We grow together, challenge one another, and share in success. Sound good?

I'm so happy with our new websites from Nathan! He always puts forward the best solutions for each of our communities and exceeds my expectations.

- DLS Partners

I love the new look! I feel like our website is finally cool. We even have a secure employee portal now to better support our team. That's really exciting.

- EMI Guide Rail

Nathan's one-of-a-kind marketing efforts were instrumental to the Hudson's Furniture team winning the HFA Furniture Retailer Of The Year Award.

- Hudson's Furniture

Nathan makes our showroom inventory look amazing and our customers love it. Especially all the new ones that these videos bring into our store.

- Seminole PowerSports