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Founded in 1982, Next Horizon has been an award-winning provider of enterprise IT and professional Digital Marketing services in Central Florida. Even with over 38 years of experience, leadership recognized change was needed to stay competitive. Through our partnership, I modernize their Digital division and set a new standard that consistently increased productivity by 41% for 40 weeks.

What would it take to upgrade your team's quality of work, expand their skill sets, and nearly double their performance? For Next Horizon, all it took was partnering with me. Evolving their Digital division started with leveling and cross-training my team. Collectively they attained over 30 professional certifications spanning platforms including Google and Facebook and skills such as web development standards. I supported their progression through weekly workshops and walking the walk by completing each certification alongside them.

My Team Of Digital Specialists

Next Horizon team photo at the 2018 GrowFL Florida Awards in Tampa, Florida.

Although the roster switched up a few times, I lead a multi-faceted team of 2 designers, 2 copywriters, and 1 senior developer. Here we are at the 2018 GrowFL Florida Awards hosted in Tampa, Florida.

Certifications & Professional Training

During my time at Next Horizon, I renewed and attained a variety of certifications spanning digital advertising, project management, productivity frameworks, and advanced experience design. More importantly, as the leader of the Digital division, I motivated and mentored others to do the same.

Scrum Master Certification

Scrum Master Certficiation from ScrumAlliance.

Having previously trained in Agile, Lean, and Waterfall, I was excited about the ScrumAlliance program. 3 intensive workshops later I emerged a certified Scrum Master.

Google Digital Garage Certification

The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification from Google Digital Garage.

Navigating Google's industry-leading platforms and scalable services are essential for growing business online. This series of certifications cover each in detail.

Pro Tips For Implementing Agile Scrum

  1. At the heart of Agile Scrum is the concept of self-selecting teams. This 3-way system has members pick their team, teams collectively accept members, and the work ahead dictates which teams participate. Agile Scrum is a wonderful productivity framework for consistently optimizing output, fostering innovation, and building better business once teams streamline their collaborative process.
  2. If you're going to embrace the Agile Scrum framework, then respect its tenants with conviction or accept the most common outcome, waterfall-style project management. This exposes your team to misplaced accountability, bloated requirements, and longer development cycles that amplify technical debt and produce less and less effective solutions.
  3. This flavor of project management favors doers and may at times contradict your hierarchy. As part of adopting this framework, I strongly recommend clarifying the responsibilities and authority each role has throughout the process. Tempting as it may be, avoid combining roles because centralizing authority creates bottlenecks, promotes self-serving decisions, and silences subject matter experts.

By establishing modern project management processes and advocating for best practices, my team achieved and maintained an average productivity gain of 41% for 40 sprints. They also launched more major projects in 2019 than they had in the previous 2 years combined, including the company rebrand which had been in progress since 2013. Within 4 months of taking over, the rebrand and all supporting collateral were ready to share with the world.

Next Horizon Website

Screenshot of website.

Founded in 1982, Next Horizon is an award-winning provider of IT and Digital Marketing throughout Central Florida. This website was part of their successful 2019 rebranding efforts.

Beyond conquering big projects, I managed more than 35 client accounts with services spanning advertising, monthly maintenance, performance reporting, and so much more. During my time as Digital Manager, nearly half of my clients expanded services, including starting new initiatives. My expertise across nearly every facet of the creative industry also empowered Next Horizon to offer professional photography and video production services.

Friendly Confines Commercial

This commercial was created to promote the Friendly Confines Collectibles store in the Oviedo Mall and was used in a series of related ad campaigns using Facebook and Google's advertising platforms.

Altogether my contributions honed Next Horizon's approach to digital marketing and accelerated the Digital division's growth for 12 months straight. This growth helped secure their wins for the OBJ Fast 50 and GrowFL Florida Companies To Watch awards. Just imagine what we could achieve together. Better yet, connect with me.

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Related Skill Set

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I'm so happy with our new websites from Nathan! He always puts forward the best solutions for each of our communities and exceeds my expectations.

- DLS Partners

I love the new look! I feel like our website is finally cool. We even have a secure employee portal now to better support our team. That's really exciting.

- EMI Guide Rail

Nathan's one-of-a-kind marketing efforts were instrumental to the Hudson's Furniture team winning the HFA Furniture Retailer Of The Year Award.

- Hudson's Furniture

Nathan makes our showroom inventory look amazing and our customers love it. Especially all the new ones that these videos bring into our store.

- Seminole PowerSports