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Dream Machine Article

Educated salespeople are more effective at understanding your products and creating an environment that builds trust with clientele.

This featured article was accompanied by a wealth of supporting training materials including videos, selling scenario walkthroughs, sales worksheets, and FAQs dedicated to The Hudson's Dream Machine.

Why: The Dream Machine

By Nathan Rafter

Imagine you’re out mattress shopping, surrounded by seemingly endless options, armed with very little understanding of their differences, trying to make the best buying decision possible for a product you’ll spend one-third of your life on.

Sound daunting enough? Now add in the fact that the process of returning the wrong mattress is often so difficult that it might as well be impossible. That’s the modern mattress buying experience and it leaves many consumers resigned to a poorer night's sleep for years to come. In fact, the desire to avoid traditional mattress shopping is so strong and the failure rate of selecting the right mattress for most shoppers is so high that online-only mattress retailers have been able to capture 15% of the market within the last 5 years, selling such a critical product sight unseen.

We thought, there must be a better way. Enter the exclusive Hudson’s Dream Machine, an intuitive tool that when laid down upon measures over 100 different bodily pressure points within moments and narrows down those seemingly endless options to a few right ones through the power of science.

Interestingly enough, the technology behind the Dream Machine was originally developed for pinpointing the best, smoothest riding tire for any given situation. Now that same cutting-edge technology is readily available to our in-store shoppers for the sole purpose of ensuring they find the perfect mattress and enjoy the best night’s sleep possible. That’s the true benefit of the Dream Machine and why we’re so committed to tracking comfort fits because they work!

Hudson's Furniture

Cozzia Massage Chair Video

Did you know high-end massage chairs are far more cost-effective than traditional massage services offered at spas?

Market research uncovered that most consumers didn’t. This promotional video campaign and related in-store displays set out to change that. Within the first month, Cozzia product sales increased by over 1,000%.


Ausdom M05 Review

Even the best products benefit from great reviews. As a fan of everything technology and storytelling, brands work with me to better promote their offerings.

Ausdom M05 Review

By Nathan Rafter

I truly believe that the price, sound quality, and premium design of these over-the-ear headphones make them perfect for budget-conscious audiophiles, gamers, and media makers. They feature Bluetooth 4.0 class 2 with EDR and aptX for improved battery life, reliable 30 ft range, and seamless audio transmission.

Thanks to Ausdom’s DWS technology, 3D sound is accurately replicated at CD quality through 40mm drivers that deliver clear highs, mids, and lows. The slightly bassy sound profile gives sound weight without compromising the highs and mids clarity. A moderate-sized sound stage and decent passive noise isolation ensure everything sounds clean, crisp, and cohesive. When on, most background noise and talking will be difficult to hear. However audio from connected devices will sound as good as their source. This may eventually prompt you to seek out higher-quality audio files and streams. Beyond impressive sound, the M05 delivers an equally impressive hands-free experience.

The huge omnidirectional microphone rivals the clarity and speech-to-text accuracy of many popular smartphones. While most headphones use a pinhole-sized microphone Ausdom opted for one measuring .5in by .25in and hid it underneath the black metal mesh on the left earpiece. While good, its location and omnidirectional nature mean headphones with by-mouth microphones still perform slightly better. Each earpiece features 3 intelligently grouped buttons: multi-function power, volume down, and volume up on the left and next, toggle play/pause, and previous on the right. Both primary buttons on each side are nibbed in easily distinguishable patterns that make orientation and navigation effortless. Buttons are very responsive and provide unobtrusive auditory indicators that greatly improve the listening and user experience. For example, when enabling pairing mode, a pleasant voice says “Ready to pair” followed by convenient “Turn on Bluetooth. Pin code is 0000” reminders. This voice also greets you when powering them on and off or whenever the internal battery is low. Though don’t expect to hear that message often because the 400mah lithium battery provides 20 hours of continuous use, 10 days of standby, and fully charges within 3 hours via the micro USB port on the right earpiece. There’s also a 3.5mm auxiliary port on the left earpiece for wired use, even if the battery is dead.

Like its battery life, the understated design and premium-feeling materials including rubberized frame and metal adjustment arms really set the Ausdom M05 apart from similarly priced headphones. Although very flexible, a gentle clamping force keeps them in place while the fully padded and protein leather-lined headrest and ear cups provide all-day comfort. Additionally, both earpieces swivel vertically and horizontally to achieve a perfect fit. When not in use, the earpieces swivel flat for better storage; which is how they are shipped.

Their retail packaging has a premium feel, great aesthetics, and provides key product information. Inside are the headphones, 3ft micro USB cable, 4ft 3.5mm auxiliary cable, mesh travel bag, and thorough user manual that is very well-written. The M05 is an amazing product, but there are some worthwhile improvements Ausdom should consider for future releases:

  • While minimal labeling is appreciated, omitting the auxiliary port label seems like an oversight. Especially considering everything else is properly labeled, even the obvious microphone.
  • The ear cups barely fit my average-sized ears and increasing them by .5in would improve comfort overall.
  • I highly recommend the premium carrying case accessory because the included travel bag does not provide adequate protection.
  • The cables are decent but lack that premium feel the headphones have. I suggest implementing a standardized 4ft length, thicker rubberized shielding, and tangle-free cord design for both cables along with larger step downs on the auxiliary pins to better support devices in protective cases.
  • Add an integrated dust cover, similar to the one for the micro USB, for the auxiliary port to further protect the sensitive internal components from dust and debris.
  • Incorporate multi-device pairing, which is my top feature request, and NFC to extend functionality and further streamline the pairing process.

Ideally, Ausdom would remove the mesh travel bag entirely and increase the price to cover the costs associated with adding the missing auxiliary port label and dust cover, multi-device pairing functionality, NFC technology, higher-quality auxiliary and micro USB cables, and premium carrying case. Regardless of that, the bottom line is while there are better sounding headphones with more features and higher-end materials like real leather, none of them can beat the Ausdom M05’s value or price point. I love these headphones and give them 5 out of 5 stars.

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