Telespeak is a leading provider of enterprise telecommunications and collaboration solutions. I was appointed their Director of Marketing and tasked with generating new business through self-developed marketing initiatives.


The updated Telespeak logo was inspired by the mechanics of communication. The simple design depicts a source broadcasting signals that, when given appropriate context, can take on greater meaning. With the corporate logo established I then moved onto rebranding every product, service, and program offered by Telespeak using a consistent design language.

Logo for Telespeak
Logomarks for products, services, and programs from Telespeak
Logo for Hosted Solutions from Telespeak
Logo for Anywhere Solutions from Telespeak
Logo for Classroom AnyWhere from Telespeak
Logo for Home AnyWhere from Telespeak
Logo for Office AnyWhere from Telespeak
Logo for PBX AnyWhere from Telespeak
Logo for Overview Solutions from Telespeak
Logo for Contact Center Overview from Telespeak
Logo for Healthcare Overview from Telespeak
Logo for Business Services from Telespeak
Logo for Support Services from Telespeak
Logo for Qualified Connect from Telespeak


I crafted this website to achieve 3 simple goals:

  1. It needed to load quickly across all devices so I took a mobile-first approach during the design and development phase.
  2. It needed to better inform decision makers about Telespeak's products, services, and programs so I authored entirely new content focused educating them and satisfying common decision criteria.
  3. It needed to increase conversion rates so every page is designed around a very specific call to action.

The end result of my efforts was a quality website that generated new business. However, since leaving Telespeak their website has undergone many ill-advised changes. Although it saddens me whenever a former project is derelict, I take great pride in knowing that while under my management the organization was represented professionally and gained legitimacy within the industry.

Home page for Telespeak's website

Business Card

The front side of the business card mimics the trade show booth design to improve brand recognition among trade show attendees. A large portion of white space was left on the back side for note making.

Front of Telespeak's business card
Back of Telespeak's business card

Print Ads

I leveraged print to promote Telespeak's offerings and increase brand awareness. The following Office Anywhere advertisement was designed for Channel Vision Magazine. This layout capitalizes on the viewer's reading pattern (left to right, top to bottom) to create an eye flow anchored by the large logomark that crosses through the website and email address call to actions.

Print advertisement for Office AnyWhere
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